4THWAVE LS-Jewelry

The 4thWave LS-Jewelry 3D Printer is all-in-one rapid prototyping solution, with multiple objects that can be printed at the same time you can expect more productivity.

The 4thWave LS-Jewelry is SLA (Stereolithography) / DLP (Digital Light Processing) 3D Printer with new advanced technology in additive manufaturing which give you high quality printing. 4thWave LS-Jewelry has xy resolution of 47.25 microns which can provide print results with incredible detail and can use various types of resin that can make it easier for you to produce your own custom product.

Printing Speed
Expect more productivity with 4thWave LS Series with printing speed to 20 mm / hour
Low Price
Affordable price for the high specification 3D printer
High XY Resolution
With layer resolution of 47.25 microns, accuracy and high detailed printed object can be easily achieved by 4thWave LS Series
More Productivity
Large build dimension and printing speed will bring you more productivity
Integrated Processor
Integrated High performance CPU for maximum system reliability and performance

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Product Info & Specifications

Product Info

Print-out multiple objects

  • 4th Wave LS-1 allows you to print out multiple objects at a time.
  • It helps you improving the productivity time.
Print in Fine Details (47.2 microns)

  • The lower micron, the higher resolution.
  • In the world of 3D printing, no factor influences print quality more than XY resolution.
  • The lower the number, the better the details.
High resolution result (QHD resolution 2560 x 1140)

  • Project resolution affects the quality of the printing result.
  • 4th Wave LS-1 has QHD level of resolution. It means fine detailed object can be produced.
Fast printing time

  • DLP projector screen flashes an image of a layer all at once, so all points of a layer can be cured simultaneously.
  • In this way, the print speed is increased in comparison to SLA since it takes less time to cure a single layer.
All types of resin compatibility

  • An advantage of this SLA resin 3D printer is its compatibility with all types of resin material.
  • As a result, production costs can be reduced
Multiple light resources tackle the light distortion


Model Name 4thWave LS-1
Size (mm) (200x230x410) mm
Build Volume (mm) (200x120x66) mm
Printer Weight 7 kg
Printer Speed 10 mm/hour
Body Frame Aluminium Anodizing
Layer Resolution 47,2 microns
Z-Axis Resolution 25 – 100 microns
Fabrication Methods LCD/DLP
Supported File .STL Files
Printable Materials Photo-Curable Resin
Power 34W (12V, 10A)
Operation Standalone
Connectivity USB Thumb Drive
Network (LAN/Wi-Fi)
Castable Resin Not Ready