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What Makes 4thwave 3D Printer Qualified?

“3D printing is the next big thing in the print industry, and even more in the future since the 3D Printing technology will get better with time.”

3D printing offers a wide range of business opportunities and used in a variety of industries including jewelry, footwear, industrial design, architecture, engineering and construction, automotive, aerospace, dental and medical industries, education and consumer products.

Started in 2012, Chrombit has succeeded in developing high-performance DLP(Digital Light Processing) 3D Printer in 2016 with our own patent technology. Since 2017, our first product has been on the market under “4th WAVE” brand. Our clients are using 4th WAVE LS-Series for their commercial purpose. Most of our clients are engaged in jewelry, dentistry, education, and entertainment industry.

4th WAVE’s innovative technology has been proven to save companies time, manpower, and money by our clients.

4th WAVE LS-Series is the high-quality DLP 3D printer at a competitive price. Designed as an integrated post processor, no need any additional cost bring an amenity for the task and boost our customers’ productivity.